Sherry, this is a lesson I’ve struggled to internalize for as long as I’ve been alive. God knows I’ve tried.

I am a designer working to get a majorly ambitious project off the ground—no time in my life have I had a more difficult time to appreciate the now than… now! I am also emotionally raw from a period of grief.

Yet at the same time I am doing what I believe is my life’s work—nothing can be richer with purpose in my mind, other than to see it finally create a material impact in other people’s lives. It’s a weird dilemma I face, but I believe it's what gives me my edge.

Even so, I can't deny there is beauty to be seen even in the moment in which I write this—me under lamplight, expressing this to you. You’ve written very excellently and I can only hope to see my life as a Chardin as I connect the dots in retrospect.

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The storytelling woven into this piece of wisdom reads so easily, so effortlessly.

"Gratitude is easier said than done, because, in practice, being grateful requires you to control your appetite for more. But, once you find gratitude, whatever you have will turn into enough." A challenge indeed, but a worthwhile endeavor for us all.

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Well said. In that sense, happiness should truly come from and be pursued by looking inward and from within ourselves, instead of relying on external factors.

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Oct 13, 2023·edited Oct 13, 2023

Sherry, I'm from Chennai. I am a huge fan of your writing. It's like therapy. I was so happy to see a mention of Chennai in a post where you talk about painters from the 17th and 18th centuries from France & Italy. Thank you! Keep writing.

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I loved this Sherry. From the ideas on seeing beauty everywhere, to finding meaning in the mundane to linking FOMO to a fast paced lifestyle.

I’ve struggled with FOMO a lot when it comes to intellectual pursuits but also struggled to live a slower life, where each moment is in and enough on its own.

You’ve helped me see how the two could be linked.

Great essay :)

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Love this so much! I've been discovering about the joy of missing out lately, been learning to slow down, been learning to say yes to only the things I really like and care about. And it's been a wonderful journey. I've discovered a lot more about myself and what I like.

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